Facebook as a Guiding tool

One of my co-Guiders complemented me on the meeting plan and asked “Where did you get this idea”.  “From Facebook, like most of my best ideas!” I responded.  And I was only half joking.

I belong to several active Guiding Facebook groups and the ideas and sisterhood I get from them are often the best part of a visit to the Facebook website.  I belong to Unofficial groups for Guiders at the National and Ontario level as well as group for my Community.  There are less active but still valuable groups for Guide Leaders, Camp Themes, Program Ideas and Buy, Sell or Trade.  I’m also a member of of the UK based Girlguiding Challenges group.  All of these groups feed me ideas of things I can do with my Guides.  Sometime I end up squirreling the ideas away for years before I find the right moment to use them.

Most of the time the community on Facebook can also be a great source of sisterhood.  Guiders who don’t know how to deal with a situation often find good advice or at least a sympathetic ear.  Hardworking moderators do their best to keep any drama to a minimum.  I appreciate that a lot.  Good online communities are often built on good moderation.

The down side to Facebook is that the search feature works less well then I’d like.  It can be hard to find that post you read days or weeks ago let alone something you read last year.  That is why I choose to record so many of my ideas in a blog that is easier to search and link to.


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