Time for a Winter Break

I’m putting the blog into hibernation for a few weeks while my family celebrates Christmas and New Years.

Whatever, your family may celebrate this time of year I hope you find joy.

On an unrelated note, if anyone has ideas they would like to share with the Guiding community but they don’t know how or don’t want to start their own blog please get in touch.  One of my goals for 2017 is to find a few guest bloggers for when my own idea pile is running low.  You might just have one idea you want to share or you might have dozens.  Either way, give it some thought.

WAGGGS/UN Ocean Challenge

The WAGGGS/UN Ocean Challenge is a challenge developed jointly between WAGGGS and YUNGA to help youth around the world discover the oceans that cover 70 percent of our world.

All the activities are identified as being suitable for one of three age ranges 5-10, 11-15 or 16+.  The challenge is divided into five parts:

  • Ocean in Motion
  • The Ocean is Life
  • People and the Ocean
  • The Ocean at Risk
  • Take Action

For each section the girls must complete one of the first two challenges and at least one other.  Like the other UN challenges this challenge is a extensive 175 page pdf with lots of graphics, data and information to help you complete the challenge with your unit.

The crests are available from the WAGGGS shop.

My Grandmother Went to Paris

Girls sit in a circle. The first girl turns to the second and says, “My Grandmother went to Paris and brought back a  pair of scissors”, making the motions of cutting.  The second girl turns to the third and repeats .  this continues around the circle until all are making cutting motions.  Then the first girl says to the second and says, “My Grandmother wet to Paris and brought back a pairs of scissors (cutting motion) and a fan (fanning motion with other hand).  Continue in this way until you have four or five motions or objects such as: rocking chair (rocking body back and forth), a balloon (blowing motion) etc.

Spot the ISS

The International Space Station is a great target to look for in the nights sky.  It is relatively bright and moving but not so fast that girls won’t have a chance to pick it out among the stars before it disappears across the horizon.  The Can I see the Space Station from my Backyard? site is mostly a set of links from the Canadian Space Agency to other sites from NASA and the European Space agency but it is still a great place to start if you want to figure out when the ISS may be over head.


ReACTion is a meeting idea that National has put together partially in response to some of the negative media that has been surrounding us during and since the American Election.  The activities are designed to help girls find their voice on local and global issues.

The two stated goals are:

  • Girls will explore the fundamental idea that no one person is less important than another and that all individuals are entitled to feel that they belong, have a voice and have a place.
  • Girls will develop the confidence and become empowered to share their voice on topics or issues that are important to them.

No matter what the current news stories are, these goals are always needed and I’m sure many units will find the meeting activities useful.

I really like the image they have chosen for this meeting.  It repents the parts of our promise we make to ourselves, our beliefs, Canada and to take action for a better world.


Girls sit in a circle.  A girl who is “The Shopper” walks around and stops before another player and says, “I’m going to Toronto, what shall I buy?”  She then counts to ten and before she is finished counting the girl in front of her must name an object beginning with at “T”.  If she fails then she takes the place of shopper.  The name of the city should be changed often and the name of the things to be bought must begin with the city’s initial.

Variations: This game can also be played using the name of flowers, birds, vegetables etc.  IE “I’m going to Regina, what bird will I see?”