Circuit Tester Games

Circuit testers are a style of self-testing game that can be adapted to lots of different program elements.  Depending on the goals of the activity, the girls can either play a prepared game or make their own.

To make a circuit tester game you will need:

  • two file folders
  • aluminum foil
  • masking tape
  • print outs of words and/or pictures relevant to the program material
  • either a commercial circuit tester or a home made equivalent.
  • hole punch

If you are buying a commercial circuit tester you want a pen style on with a probe at one end and a alligator clip on the end of a wire.  They are normally less then $10 and require two AA batteries.  I believe this style is normally found in an automotive department. Some Guiders like to use bolt cutters to snip off the sharpest end of the probe as a safety precaution. If you are handy with electrical devices you can make your own with two alligator clips, some batteries and a light bulb.


To make your game, you’ll need a series of questions and answers.  Each one needs to be arranged on one side of a file folder.  Use the hole punch to punch a hole associated by each question and answer. You want to arrange them so there is a straight line between each question and it’s answer without impacting any other hole.  Fold a piece of aluminum foil so you have a thin strip just a little wider then your holes.  Flip you file folder over and run the foil from one question to it’s answer.  You can tack it in place with a little tape.  Then run a solid piece of tape over the whole length of the aluminum foil.  The idea is to seal the foil away from subsequent layers of aluminum foil.  Continue adding strips of aluminum foil until you have all the questions and answered have been matched.  Take the second file folder and match it to the first folder so all the strips of foil are hidden.  Run some more tape all the way around so the two folders are attached to each other.  From the front you should see all your questions and answers with a little circle of foil.

To play, place one end of your circuit tester on the circle of foil.  Then place the other end on the answer.  If you are correct, the circuit tester will light up.  If you are wrong it will not and you can try again.


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