Outdated Songs

It was recently pointed out to me how many songs I have rattling around inside my brain.  I’m a great team mate in a game of Encore.  This lead me to think about all the songs I know that I wouldn’t teach my Guide unit any more for one reason or another.  For example, Girl Guides of Canada updated their Laws in 1994 but I can still cheerfully sing you the old Guide Law song I learned as a girl (and yet I can not get the new one to stick).  I know other songs that are too “churchy” for our diverse and inclusive unit.  Of these my favorite is probably the Breton Fisherman’s Vesper or some of the camp graces like Johnny Appleseed.  There are others that I’ve set aside because they use terms which would no longer be considered appropriate (and perhaps never were.)

Are there songs you no longer sing?  Or perhaps you still sing them when you are home doing the dishes but don’t teach them to the girls in your unit? Are there songs you unit should probably retire but you haven’t yet for one reason or another?


3 thoughts on “Outdated Songs

  1. Hmm, off the top of my head, three we don’t do are:
    John’s Brown Cow – if you know it, you know why I’m not teaching it to my Guides…
    World Hunger Grace – this is one is my favourite camp grace but is definitely Christian
    Chinese Fan Song – more because I can’t stand it than anything else

  2. The end to I Have Lost My Underwear:
    And there was Granny
    Swinging from the outhouse door
    Without her nighty
    Waiting for the garbage man
    Who was a playboy
    Chewy chewy carmels from Kraft

    • Oh and I also know the old Guiding Law song. And if I’m not paying atttention when we’re doing the Promise, I slip into “do my duty to God, the Queen, and my country”

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