Bird Beaks

This activity is best done in a small group or as part of a round robin.


  • Beaks
    • Straws or eye dropper
    • Slotted Spoon
    • Chopsticks or tweezers
    • Pliers
    • Salad tongs or spoon
  • Food
    • Thin jar or vase with water or juice in it
    • Shallow bowl filled with water and a handful of Cheerios or similar cereal
    • Shallow bowl filled with oatmeal mixed with a handful of macaroni
    • Marshmallows threaded on a string
    •  Sunflower seeds
    • Shallow bowl filled with water with a handful of washers at the bottom

Give each girl a tool.  Present one type of food at a time.  Give each girl a chance to try and pick up the food with her tool.  For the cheerios and washers it is important not to get any water with the food.  Withe the macaroni you don’t want any oatmeal.  The marshmallows mush be pulled off the string while the string is moving slowly.  The sunflower seeds have to be removed from their shell.

Get an image of different types of bird beaks.  Discuss some of the different things birds eat and how they relate to the “foods” in the experiment.  Bird beaks have evolved in many different ways to adapt to different types of food.  Can the girls guess what kind of food a bird eats based on its beak?


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