Giant, Wizard, Elf

This game is similar to the Large Scale Rock, Paper, Scissors except it is played in teams.

To play you need four lines (on a gym floor or marked with rope), two lines about 2 m apart in the middle of the playing area and one line several meter behind each of these near the edges of the playing area.

The girls are divided into two teams.  They should practice each of the characters a couple of times before playing.

  • Giants stand on their tip toes with their hands in the air
  • Wizards crouch slightly with the wands pointed at the read
  • Elves duck down with their hands cupped at their ears to make their ears look pointy

To play, each team huddles together and decides on a character to be. Then line up facing each other on the inner lines

The game leader should dramatically count down “3..2..1..transform”, on transform all members of a team take on the character they agreed to

  • Giants squish Elves
  • Elves outwit Wizards
  • Wizards zap Giants

The winning team then chases the loosing team to their outer line. Any member of the loosing team who is tagged becomes a member of the winning team for the next round.  Play continues until everyone is on the same team.


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