Waterproofing a Sleeping bag

The goal when you are waterproofing a sleeping bag is to ensure that the bag does not get wet either during transportation or at camp. Dry and warm campers are happy campers.  I often find that parents are surprised that we really do expect our girls to carry their own bags.  And at some of the camp site sites we go to, the bus can’t get right to the site so it may be several hundred meters from the bus to the campsite.  So the bag must be waterproof and strong enough that it can take a couple of bounces as the girls take their bag to their campsite.  These are the three options I provide the girls…

Traditional Bedroll


  • ground sheet
  • rope (not the yellow plastic rope it doesn’t knot well)

This may be the most cost effective option and girls often need tarps and rope at camp anyways.

Lined Stuff Sack


  • Large stuff sack
  • Heavy duty plastic bag

If you are using a foam pad, make it into a tube with about a 1.5 foot hole in the middle.  Wrap plastic bag around that and the stuff sack around that.  Put the sleeping bag, pillow, PJs and stuffed bed friend inside the middle of the foam pad.  Twist the plastic bag  closed and stuff the end down the side (or seal it if it is a giant zip lock) and then seal stuff sack.  If you aren’t using foam pads (i.e. staying in cabins) then you can follow this video.

Dry Sack


  • One large dry sack

Make sure it is large enough for your bedding and still has enough room to be properly sealed.  Dry sacks can be the most expensive option but if the girls already have one or if the family does a lot of camping they can be a good option.


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