Werewolf is a storytelling game (sometimes called Mafia).  It works best in groups of 6-10 so for large units you may want to split up into smaller groups.  For each game one girl is choose as the moderator.  All the other girls sit in a circle with their eyes closed and their heads down.  The moderator walks slowly around the circle.  She’ll tap two girls one on the back.  These two will be the werewolves.  She’ll tap one girl twice on the back.  This girl will be the detective.  Finally she’ll tap one girl three times.  This girl is the guardian angel.

Once the roles are assigned, the moderator will tell the werewolves to “wake up”  The werewolves will make eye contact. And wordlessly decided whom to “kill”.  Once they’ve indicated their victim to the moderator, she will tell them to go to sleep.  Next she wakes up the detective.  The detective can indicate one person in the the circle to investigate.  The moderator will nod if that person is a werewolf or shake her head if they are not.  Then the detective goes back to sleep. Finally the guardian angel gets to walk up.  She gets to indicate one person she will protect this round.

All the players get to wake up now.  The moderator now tells a story about how the victim met her demise (my girls keep these stories pretty light).  The story will include both the victim and the girl watched over by the guardian angel.  The protected girl should make a lucky escape.  If they are the same girl then no one dies this round.  After the story is told, the detective can announce herself and make an accusation as to whom she thinks is a werewolf.  All the girls vote on who the werewolf is.  The victim and whomever is voted out as a werewolf are out of the game and sit to one side (where they can watch all the action).  Then the towns goes back to sleep and keeping the same roles the action is repeated.  If you want, one of the eliminated girls can take over the moderators role as story teller but the moderator must remain out as she knows who the werewolves are.

If all the werewolves are eliminated before all the townspeople then the game has been won.  A new moderator can be picked and a new game begun.



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