UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.
– Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


“Magic” Flowers

This is one of my favorite activity for Guides Own.  It fits in well with themes like Summer, Wild Flowers or even Water.

Before Guides Own each girl need to colour a flower with crayons.  They should be encouraged to make their flower unique.  Then the petals of the flower are each folded in to the middle.  Bring a shallow basin (even a cookie sheet can do) filled with water to the Guides Own.  When you are ready, have each girl float her flower on the water and the petals will open.

You can find template for magic flowers here.

This video shows the technique but they use pre-coloured flowers.

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21st.  Girl Guides has released an instant meeting to make it.  It includes 6 main activities:

  1. Finding Inner Peace
  2. Slow Down, Quiet Down
  3. Finding Peaceful Resolutions
  4. Welcoming Diversity
  5. International Peace Builders
  6. Plant Your Own Peace Garden

Plus a number of smaller activities including writing a unit code of conduct, ripple effect and a closing activity.