Large Scale Rock, Paper, Scissors

The girls are divided into partners.  Partners line up along two lines facing each other.  Each girl decides if she will be a rock, a paper or scissors.  When the leader shouts go, the girls will run into to the center line and make their shape.

  • Rocks crouch down in a ball
  • Paper stands with their feet together and put their hands straight up into the air
  • Scissors stand with their legs wide and their hands above their head but apart like a star.

Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock.  If they pick the same shape it is a draw.  If one side wins they should switch sides for the next round.  If it is a draw they stay on the same side.  Have one row take a step to the left so they have a new partner then play again.



One thought on “Large Scale Rock, Paper, Scissors

  1. We’ve done this too, and we sometimes play other variations. I like Giants, Dwarves and Wizards.

    Dwarves beat Giants (by cutting them off at the knees), Giants beat wizards (by stomping on them), and wizards beat dwarves (using magic).

    The actions are:

    giants, stomp forwards shouting “fee fi fo fum”;

    dwarves, run forwards in a crouch, giggling;

    wizards, stride forward pretending to wave a wand and shouting “abracadabra” (or I suppose these days “stupify” or “expeliarmus” would work).

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