Foxes and Hounds

Be sure to set clear boundaries before playing this game.  it needs to be played over a wide area where there is cover for the foxes.  The divide your group in two groups.  1/4 of the group with be the foxes and the rest will be the hounds.  If time allows you may want to plan to play the game four times so each girl gets a chance to be a fox.  Each fox is given some sort of marker.  This should be biodegradable (four, bird seed, rice etc.) and if you are planning to play more then once you may want to switch makers between games.  The foxes are given a head start (5-10 min depending on the size of the playing area).  They can go and hide anywhere they want but must drop some of their marker every 20 seconds or so.  After the head start the hounds are allowed to go search for the foxes.  The hounds will have the same amount of time to search as the foxes had to hide.  Any fox who is untagged at the end of the search time wins.  If the hounds find all the foxes they win.


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