Review: Ontario Science Center Sleepover

Where: Ontario Science Center

What: Sleepover

When: Spring 2015

What was Included: We arrived just as the Science Center was closing to the public.   We had an evening of activities including the normal Science Center exhibits plus activity centers set up around the room. Then there was a dance party and the girls slept.

Booking:  Booking was easy but we had to pay the full price at the time of booking.  They can take several hundred girls each sleepover so there isn’t too much worry they will sell out before you can arrange your places.

Program:  The Science Center has a different theme each year.  The year we were there it was Physics.  Between the exhibits and the activity stations the girls finished their Physics badge.

Food: In the evening each girl was give a pizza slice snack.  In the morning there was a box breakfast with fruit, yogurt, cold cereal, milk and juice.  Some of our girls felt the portion sizes were small.  Be sure to eat dinner before arrival as the snack is just a snack.   There was a tea and coffee station all night for the adults.

Accommodations:  Each unit was assigned a sleeping location.  We slept in and among the exhibits.  It can be a long way down the escalators to your sleeping location so it is important to make sure each girl can carry her own belongings.  You will definitely want some sort of sleeping mat as you are on the floor.

Impressions:  The Science Center has been running these big sleepovers for years and have it down to fine art.  Even for my Guides though it was a very late night.  The dance party ends at midnight but the lights in our sleeping room weren’t turned off until 1 am.  They also didn’t give us enough crests for the leaders which seemed cheep, especially since the leaders pay the same entrance fee as the girls.


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