Renewable Energies Challenge

This is not a Girl Guides of Canada challenge but rather one from e-patches and crests but it is designed to be completed by Girl Guide units.  They sell challenge kits for $5 per kit.

You can preview the kit here.  The sample included instructions for an elements game, lighting a bulb with a lemon, a work sheet and a colouring sheet.

The challenge kit and the crest is available from e-patches and crests.


This is an active game that requires a utility ball and a wide open space.

All the girls playing are given unique sequential numbers.  One girl is given the ball, the other girls cluster around.  The girl with the ball will throw the ball straight up into the air and call out a number.  The girl, whose number was called becomes IT and must catch the ball (or track it down if it bounces) and then call out “SPUD”. All the girls who number wasn’t called run away from the center, until they hear “SPUD”, then they must freeze.  If a runner had too much momentum and can’t freeze immediately, it is considered good sportsmanship to retrace her steps to where she was when the call was made.  IT may take three steps from where she caught the ball.  Then she can attempt to tag another player with the ball.  The player being tagged is allowed to swerve but can not move her feet or crouch.  If a player is tagged she takes a penalty  and “looses” a letter S.P.U.D.  If the player targeted is not tagged the thrower takes the penalty and looses a letter.  Whichever player took the penalty should throw the next ball.  If a player looses all her letters (takes four penalties) the game is complete and a new game should be started.

Girl Assistant Certificate of Appreciation

I’ve written before about ways to recognize leaders who go above and beyond.  If you have a Girl Assistant working in your unit, don’t forget to recognize her.  Make sure she gets the appropriate helper crest for her uniform and at then end of the year, publicly thank her.  It may just encourage her to keep on working in units and later becoming a leader.  One way to do this is with a Girl Assistant Certificate of Appreciation

Grand Prairie Literacy Challenge

The Grand Prairie Literacy challenge was developed by the Grand Prairie Area in Manitoba.  It is quite an extensive challenge that would take many weeks to complete.

It is divide into 6 sections:

  • Just Read – challenges girls to read a set number of books based on their branch
  • World of Reading – Encourages girls to explore different types of reading
  • Celebrate Reading – Have fun with stories and
  • Awareness – learn about illiteracy and the importance of reading
  • Service Project – A list of book related service projects
  • Adult Challenges – encourage Guiders to form book clubs with their Guiding friends.

There is a large appendix of additional material to help you run the challenge including  an instant meeting based around “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss and hand outs for reading logs, book reports etc.

Crests are available directly from Grand Prairie Area headquarters.

The themes in this challenge pair very nicely with Words in Action National Service Project.

Ship to Shore

This game is often played indoors in a gym but can be played outside if a play area is defined by pylons or other markers.  One girl is chosen as “it”.  She stands at one corner of the play area.  One wall is defined as the “bow” of the ship.  Facing that wall, the wall to the left is the “port” and the wall to the right is the “starboard”.  The wall behind is the “stern”.  Before the game the actions should be reviewed.

“It” has a choice to call out one of the four ship directions, or an action. If a direction is called, all the girls must run to that wall.  The last girl to arrive becomes the new it.  If an action is called then the last girl to perform the correct action becomes the new it.

Some possible actions include:

“Captain on Deck” – Everyone stands at attention
“Swab the Deck” – Everyone pretends to wash the floor
“Up periscope” – Everyone lies on their back and sticks one leg in the air
“Row, row, row the boat” – Find a partner and sit facing each other, holding hands.  Then they rock back and forth like they are rowing.
“Crow’s nest” – Everyone pretends to climb a ladder.