Review: Black Creek Pioneer Village Girl Guide Day

Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village

What: Girl Guide Day

When: Spring 2015

What was Included: We had a schedule of activities the whole day.  We got to pick four workshops.  They were spaced out such that there was time between each one to visit houses in the village or do self directed activities.  We also had a scheduled time in a shaded location to eat our lunch.  There was a scheduled Guides Own at the end of the day but it was really just a closing ceremony.

Booking:  Booking was straight forward but I had some issues booking the workshops because it required me to click on a very subtle link on the booking receipt.  The staff at the Village were very sympathetic and we were still able to get all our first choice workshops.

Once we arrived they had a check in table that lead directly to the payment desk.   This was the first year they held Girl Guide day but it didn’t show.  Everything was very well organized.

Program:  We choose to do workshops on games, baking and homemaking, quilting and the print shop. In the games workshop the girls made thaumatrope.  In the baking and homemaking session they made spice cookies, turned butter, carried water from the well with a yoke and dusted with a duck wing.  The quilting workshop involved the girls contributing to a button quilt that was made by many hands over the course of the day.  In the print shop two of the girls were invited back to try the printing press while the staff answered questions.  The programs offered all worked well with the Provincial Heritage badge.  We brought some information on the Provincial Coat of Arms and the origins of some local place names with us and covered that with the girls sitting under a big tree.  I would recommend bringing sit-upons.

Food:  There was no food provided and the girls brought packed lunches.  There is a place you can buy food though which the leaders used for coffee and tea.

Crest:  A nice crest was included in the price and was handed out during the closing ceremony.

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