Turtle is a game intended to teach basic computer programming skills to kids.

To play each pair (or group of three) will need the following

  • Markers to indicate a start point and a finish point (pylons, bean bags, or paper circles)
  • Cards marked with a selection of commands such as
    • take one step forward
    • turn right
    • turn left

To play one girl is a “turtle” and the other girl(s) is the programmer.  The program selects cards from the pile and stacks them in the order she believes will be needed for the turtle to travel from the starting spot to the goal.  The the turtle will do her best to “run the program” as it is written.  If the first three cards say “Take one step forward” she will take three steps forward. etc.  If she reaches the goal then the program has run successfully.  If she has not, she should return to the start and give the programmer a chance to debug the program.

Once each girl has had a chance to be both the turtle and the programmer, you can vary the game by adding more obstacles to make the journey more difficult.  You can also add additional commands such as “take one step backwards”, “Repeat the next card 3 times”, Until you reach the blue pylon follow the next card”


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