Ha Ha

The girls lie on their backs with their heads resting on another girls tummy.  They end up making a herringbone design down a line.  The aim of the game is to get down the line without laughing.  The first girl has to say “Ha!” once.  The next girl says “Ha! Ha!” and so one with each girl adding one “Ha”.  Most groups I’ve seen do this have trouble getting past about the third girl.  I would normally play this in smaller groups such as a patrol so the girls at the end don’t get bored waiting.  You can also rotate the first girl to the end of the line each time the laughter takes over.

This video demonstrates a group of kids playing this game


Ontario Turtle Tally and FrogWatch

When my unit was at the Toronto Zoo last fall we learned about the Ontario Turtle Tally and FrogWatch.

If you live in Ontario and you see a turtle, the Toronto Zoo wants to hear about it.  You can report your sighting on the Turtle Tally Observation Form.  You can learn more about different species of turtles in Ontario from the species guide.

Similarly, FrogWatch wants you to listen to the sounds of frogs and report what you find.  You can learn about different species of frogs from the species guide.  If you register to become a FrogWatcher, the zoo will provide you with a CD of frog sounds so you can match what you hear by the pond edge with the species of frogs and you can report frog sightings


Stone Soup

There are lots of versions of the story of Stone Soup. In each one a traveler comes to a village where no one is willing to share because they don’t have enough. The stranger starts to boil a pot of water and puts a stone (or other inedible object) in the pot. He or she tells each villager who comes by that they are making stone soup but it would be ever so much better with just a little bit of carrots/onions/herbs/etc. Each villager is convinced to contribute the “one thing” the soup is missing.  In the end the stranger has a big pot of soup to share with the village.

A Guider I used to work with used this story to make a pot of collaborative soup each year.  She’d read the story to the girls one week and tell them that at their next meeting (or sometimes it would be at winter camp) she’d be providing the soup pot and a clean stone.  She’d ask each girl to bring something for the soup (vegetables, bullion, herbs etc. ).  Whatever arrived at the next meeting was chopped up and put in the soup pot. Everyone would enjoy a mug of soup at the end of the meeting.  Be aware of allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Game Go Global

The Games Go Global challenge was developed by WAGGGS in 2012 to celebrate the London Olympics.  It apparently followed challenges developed for the 2008 games in Beijing and the 2004 Olympics in Athens so their may be a 2016 Rio Challenge in the works but if there is, it hasn’t been released yet.  WAGGGS seems to have only very limited badges for this challenge still in stock (Silver in English and Spanish, Bronze in French and Spanish) but the content may still be helpful if you want to run an Olympic themed camp or picnic this spring.

The Games Go Global Challenge is divided into three sections

  • Stadium (body)
  • Temple (mind)
  • Theater (cultural)

To complete the challenge girls had to complete 1 challenge from each section for a “bronze”, two from each section for a “silver” and three from each section for “gold”.  Some of the activities are specific to England as the host country but many could be used for this year’s Olympiad.

Red Letter

To play red letter, pick one girl to be it.  She stands at one of the room with her back to the rest.  The other girls stand at the far side of the room.  It will call out letters.  If the letter is in a girls name she can take a step forward.  If the letter appears in her name more then once, she can take one step for each time it appears.  The first girl to reach it, becomes the new it.

Variation:  hand out cards to the girls with new words they must match instead of their name.  For example: animals, colours, months of the year etc.  This will let you match the game to a theme.