Wax Sculptures

Girls spread out.  A curator is chosen and she stands near the middle of the room so she can’t see all the players at once. There is a count of 5 and on five all the players freeze in place as statues.  The goal for the curator is to slowly turn around and catch the statues moving.  The goal for the statues is to change positions without being seen moving.  Style “points” for crazy statue poses.  The curator is allowed to slowly move among the statues.  She should call out the name of anyone she sees moving.  The last statue remaining wins.

This game can be shaped to a theme by having the girls make a particular type of statues such as animal statues, Egyptian statues, etc.

This game can be made more difficult by allowing the curator to try and get the statues to move in a similar manner to Why Won’t You Smile.



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