Sleeping Bag Napkin Holder


  • felt piece 4″ – 7″
  • 1 wooden bead
  • 1 and 1/3 pieces of pipecleaner
  • wool for hair
  • alphabet pasta (or other letters)
  • glue
  1. Fold whole pipecleaner in half
  2. Put wool though loop and twist to hold in place.
  3. Thread both ends of pipecleaner though bead.
  4. Twist shorter piece of pipecleaner below bead to form arms
  5. Fold ends of pipecleaner for hands ands and feet.
  6. napkin2Fold right 1/3 of the felt over the middle 1/3
  7. Lay doll on top and put glue along edges of felt beside doll.
  8. Fold other 1/3 of felt over this and glue into place.
  9. Fold arms down over top of the “sleeping bag” and toes up
  10. Glue alphabets to spell your name on the sleeping bag.
  11. When dry insert folded napkin though back section of sleeping bag.



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