Boost Bottle Snowmen

20160118_201941Just before Christmas I saw these instructions for making Glowing Snowman Luminary from Kiwi Crate.  I thought they were super cute but they require a Pom juice bottle and I drink a bottle of Pom juice maybe once every 6 months.  So it would have taken me many years to collect enough bottles for my unit of 30 to make these snowmen.  I do, however, have access to a large number of Boost bottles though a family member, so I thought I would see if you could make snowmen out of those.  You could also use Iögo Nano bottles to make a slightly smaller version.

To make a snowman you need:

  • 1 bottle per girl
  • lightweight fleece fabric
  • misc decorations, we used felt, buttons, googly eyes and pipe cleaner
  • needles and thread
  • scissors sharp enough to cut the fleece.
  • glue
  1. Cut two pieces of fabric.  One aprox 4 cm by 20 cm (hat).  One 10 cm by 18 cm (scarf).  It helps to have cardboard patterns to trace.
  2. Fold the larger piece of fabric in half (with good side together) and sew the side opposite to the fold.  Without cutting the thread, squish the top of the hat together and wrap the thread around it several times before knotting it. Turning right side out.
  3. Glue hat to the top of the bottle and tie on scarf
  4. Then personalize the snowman with other craft supplies.

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