Owl Hanging

This owl hanging is a great craft to introduce lark knots.  It can also make a nice bridging activity with Brownies.


  • 1 stick – 6″ or so
  • 30 strands of wool -16″
  • 40 strands of wool – 5″
  • 2 plastic rings 1″
  • glue
  • short piece of wool
  • long piece of wool
  1. fold each strand of the 16″ wool in half
  2. Put loop behind stick and fasten in place as shown in diagram.
  3. Repeat until all wool is fastened
  4. Tie tail “where desired with small piece of wool
  5. Rim tail to point, or as desired
  6. Fasten 20 strands of 5″ wool to each plastic ring


    Lark Knot

  7. Trim ends of wool as desired
  8. Glue eyes to wool
  9. Braid long piece of wool, fasten to stick for hanger.

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