More Ideas for the International Year of Pulses

These two crafts, both from show another way you could celebrate pulses in your unit.  Both use different kinds of pulses along with rice and other grains to make fun designs.

Both ideas are from the website To the right you have Seed Mosaic and to the left you have the Napkin Rings.  The napkin rings might make a nice service project for a seniors home.


Thinking Day 2016

Hope you had a great Thinking Day.

We celebrated Thinking Day this year by holding a joint meeting with the Pathfinders.  We worked on the WAGGGS Thinking Day Challenge for 2016 which is all about connections.

We stated with horseshoe and then discussed the experience of the girls who wore their uniform (or scarf) to school that day. (Connect with the World #3 – Connect with my Scarf)

Then before they got too restless we had them play the cheering game described in Connect with Friends #2 – Connect with my Fans.

And then to settle them down again we did a breathing excerice for Connect with Me #2 – Connect with my Breathing.

The Pathfinders had arranged for a guest speaker to come and talk about her experiences as a Guide in the Czech Republic and one of the Pathfinder Guiders worked at Pax Lodge for a while and spoke briefly about that experience.

Then we had a number of activity centers set up the girls could explore.  The two speakers set up a table with artifacts on it the girls could go and look at as well as ask questions. We had a giant Thinking Day card they could sign (Connect with WAGGGS #4 – Connect with Sangam).  We had a photo booth set up for #Connect10million.  Girls could design a Guiding emoji (WAGGGS Surf Safe Challenge) and play the Connect with WAGGGS #1 – Connect with 5 Regions guessing game.

Then with took a big group photo and finished the night with the Connect with the World #1 – Connect with Diversity activity.

I thought for sure we’d planned too much but we actually finished 5 min early.  I think the Guides may have been a little intimidated by the older girls so they didn’t talk as much during the discussions.

Fighting Blindness Challenge

This challenge was created by the UK crest maker Badge Freaks.  The badge package is available for free download and they sell the crests for £1.00 each.  A quarter of the sale price of the crests goes to a UK charity that supports research and families affected by Retinitis pigmentosa.

The badge package can be downloaded here.  It contains information and activities on blindness, accessibility, colour blindness, and aids such as braille or seeing eye dogs.


Wax Sculptures

Girls spread out.  A curator is chosen and she stands near the middle of the room so she can’t see all the players at once. There is a count of 5 and on five all the players freeze in place as statues.  The goal for the curator is to slowly turn around and catch the statues moving.  The goal for the statues is to change positions without being seen moving.  Style “points” for crazy statue poses.  The curator is allowed to slowly move among the statues.  She should call out the name of anyone she sees moving.  The last statue remaining wins.

This game can be shaped to a theme by having the girls make a particular type of statues such as animal statues, Egyptian statues, etc.

This game can be made more difficult by allowing the curator to try and get the statues to move in a similar manner to Why Won’t You Smile.


Sleeping Bag Napkin Holder


  • felt piece 4″ – 7″
  • 1 wooden bead
  • 1 and 1/3 pieces of pipecleaner
  • wool for hair
  • alphabet pasta (or other letters)
  • glue
  1. Fold whole pipecleaner in half
  2. Put wool though loop and twist to hold in place.
  3. Thread both ends of pipecleaner though bead.
  4. Twist shorter piece of pipecleaner below bead to form arms
  5. Fold ends of pipecleaner for hands ands and feet.
  6. napkin2Fold right 1/3 of the felt over the middle 1/3
  7. Lay doll on top and put glue along edges of felt beside doll.
  8. Fold other 1/3 of felt over this and glue into place.
  9. Fold arms down over top of the “sleeping bag” and toes up
  10. Glue alphabets to spell your name on the sleeping bag.
  11. When dry insert folded napkin though back section of sleeping bag.


Boost Bottle Snowmen

20160118_201941Just before Christmas I saw these instructions for making Glowing Snowman Luminary from Kiwi Crate.  I thought they were super cute but they require a Pom juice bottle and I drink a bottle of Pom juice maybe once every 6 months.  So it would have taken me many years to collect enough bottles for my unit of 30 to make these snowmen.  I do, however, have access to a large number of Boost bottles though a family member, so I thought I would see if you could make snowmen out of those.  You could also use Iögo Nano bottles to make a slightly smaller version.

To make a snowman you need:

  • 1 bottle per girl
  • lightweight fleece fabric
  • misc decorations, we used felt, buttons, googly eyes and pipe cleaner
  • needles and thread
  • scissors sharp enough to cut the fleece.
  • glue
  1. Cut two pieces of fabric.  One aprox 4 cm by 20 cm (hat).  One 10 cm by 18 cm (scarf).  It helps to have cardboard patterns to trace.
  2. Fold the larger piece of fabric in half (with good side together) and sew the side opposite to the fold.  Without cutting the thread, squish the top of the hat together and wrap the thread around it several times before knotting it. Turning right side out.
  3. Glue hat to the top of the bottle and tie on scarf
  4. Then personalize the snowman with other craft supplies.