Sock Snowmen

To make a sock snowman you’ll need:

  • An all white sock
  • rice
  • string
  • scraps of fabric, button and beads
  • some glue or thread for attaching the decorations

Cut straight across the sock just before the heal.  Turn the sock inside out, and secure the end with the heal with some string.  Turn the sock right side out again and fill with rice.   Secure the top with another piece of string.  Use your hands to shape a neck on the snowman and then tie another piece of string around.  Take the toe part of the sock, fold or roll the cut edge and arrange it on the head of the snowman like a hat. Now it is time to decorate your snowman.  Give him/her eyes, a scarf, buttons etc.

If you google sock snowmen you will find lots of photos and videos explaining the process but I thought this one did a good job.


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