Stress Balls

Two make a stress ball you will need:

  • flour
  • wide mouth plastic bottles (like the ones used for Gatorade)
  • latex balloons
  • metal teaspoons
  • Sharpie markers (optional)

This craft works well if the girls work in pairs.  I’d also recommend I high supervision ratio so you may want to make this part of a round robin of activities with one Guider supervising two or three pairs of girls at most.  You will need one bottle and one teaspoon per pair, but they can be reused by the next group.  Prepare the bottles by cutting off the bottoms so they form a wide mouth funnel.

stress ball

Each girl should pick three balloons of the same colour and cut the bottoms off them.

One girl should stretch one of her balloons over the mouth of the bottle.  It is important that the balloon be pulled up over the twist grooves as they will help it stay on.

Then carefully add flour to the funnel.  The first 1/4 cup or so will fall easily into the balloon.  After that it may be necessary to use the back of the spoon to pack the flour down.  This is wear the team work comes into play while one girls is holding the balloon firmly to the the mouth of the funnel and the other girl is packing the flour down.  Ultimately we found that 3/4 cup of flour made for a nice sized ball.

Carefully slide you ball off the funnel and have your partner stretch out another balloon to place over top of the hole.  Add a third balloon the other direction to make it even stronger.  Finally you can decorate your stress ball with permanent markers.

This video shows a slightly different technique for the same end product.  I think my system was slightly less messy but this one might be easier for the girls.


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