WAGGGS Climate Change Challenge

This is a topical challenge with the recent completion of the Paris Climate talks.

The WAGGGS Climate Change Challenge is a 164 page booklet divided into five sections

  1. Climate is Life
  2. Causes of Climate Change
  3. Impacts of Climate Change
  4. Solutions to Climate Change
  5. Take Action

This challenge was created by WAGGGS in co-operation with the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the Youth and UN Global Alliance (YUNGA)

The badges are available from the WAGGGS shop.


Pick it Up

In this game a table is covered in small object.  The players are divided into two small teams (2-3 per team is ideal).  Each round a clue is read and the first team to pick up the appropriate item wins a point.

For example: Cover a table in the contents of a first aid kit.  To make the game harder you can also add other items that don’t belong in a first aid kit.  Ask questions like,

This item is used to tie a sling (Triangular bandage)

This item is used to protect your hands while helping others (latex gloves)



Sock Snowmen

To make a sock snowman you’ll need:

  • An all white sock
  • rice
  • string
  • scraps of fabric, button and beads
  • some glue or thread for attaching the decorations

Cut straight across the sock just before the heal.  Turn the sock inside out, and secure the end with the heal with some string.  Turn the sock right side out again and fill with rice.   Secure the top with another piece of string.  Use your hands to shape a neck on the snowman and then tie another piece of string around.  Take the toe part of the sock, fold or roll the cut edge and arrange it on the head of the snowman like a hat. Now it is time to decorate your snowman.  Give him/her eyes, a scarf, buttons etc.

If you google sock snowmen you will find lots of photos and videos explaining the process but I thought this one did a good job.

Knitted Hats

The Fall 2015 edition of Canadian Guider Magazine include a great pattern for knitting a trefoil hat.  You can find it on page 27.  It is a pretty straightforward pattern, girls who have some experience knitting already could probably make it themselves.

For Brownie leaders I also came across this pattern for an Owl Hat.  It would make a cute addition to any winter Brownie camp or as a thank you gift.  You can even make matching gloves.

Leap Year Challenge

2016 is a Leap Year.  If you are interested in marking this with your unit, or you have a meeting on February 29th, check out the 3rd West Kilbride Brownies Leap Year Challenge.  There are 6 sections to the challenge: Extra Day, Girls Propose, Gloves, Leap Frog, One Giant Leap for Man… and Leap of Faith.

I particularity like the idea of asking the girls what they could do with and Extra Day if they could do anything.

As with all UK unit challenges, do use the contact information at the end of the challenge to touch base with the unit and make sure the crests are still available and arrange for trans-Atlantic shipping.

If-Then Backyard Coding

This is a game I found on leftbraincraftbrain.com.  It introduces the idea of If-Then decision statements that are used in computer programing to kids as young as pre-school.  I suspect girls from Sparks though Guides could have fun with it. The game is similar to Simon Says.

One girl plays the part of the program and everyone else is a computer.  Depending on the age of the girls you can add levels of difficulty until it is challenging.

Stage 1: If I do this, you do this

Stage 2: If I do this, you do that

Stage 3: If I do this, you do this, otherwise do that

Stage 4: Speed Round

I’m sure this idea could be used to explore else if statements as well.

For more details see: If-Then Backyard Coding Game