Patrol Flag meeting

This week we started the meeting with a short evaluation of the enrollment the week before.  I tried out a new idea for evaluation where each girl was suppose to list one thing she want to continue, one thing she want to stop doing and one thing she wanted to add.  It was clear after the first few girls that it wasn’t going to work.  At least not that night with those girls.  So we opened it up to a more free flowing conversation.  The girls generally enjoyed the enrollment but their ideas for things to change next year were good.

Our enrollment this year was on a camping theme.  We took our light up campfire and surrounded it with toasting sticks and sleeping bags. The parents pulled their chairs up around the outside.  It was lovely and cozy.

Then we had each patrol make a patrol flag.  We had them brain storm ideas based on the patrol flag template.  Then they created a rough copy.  And finally they created a good copy on a half sheet of Bristol board.  Most of the patrols worked well together and the flags looked great.  One patrol developed creative differences and a leader had to step in but even they ended up with a flag in the end.


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