Twinning Meeting

We’re working on the World Guiding badge and Learn about WAGGGS challenge so this seemed like a good time to talk to the girls about the twinning project.

While in their patrol corners at the beginning of the meeting, each patrol got some information about a different WAGGGS country printed mostly from the WAGGGS website.  We have 5 patrols so we had information on the UK, Australia, Japan, Kenya and Chile.  In horseshoe each patrol presented what they’d found out about the promise, law, uniform, branches etc of that country.

Then we did some activities from the Chile Twinning Instant Meeting, to learn more about what it would be like to be a Guide in Chile.  We played Atrapar la Cola from page 5.  The girls enjoyed it, but I think if I lead it again, I’d want a bigger space for them to run in. We meet in a standard gym, so outside would be better. Then we made some pottery from page 19.  Even though the instant meeting presents this as a Pathfinder craft, our girls really enjoyed it and showed some great creativity.  Finally at campfire, two of our Guiders shared with the girls information on the food and music of Chile, including playing some Youtube videos of ingenious and modern Chilean music.

Our meeting ended with lots of reminders because we are taking the girls to the zoo on Sunday to work on the Plants and Animals badge.


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