Canadian Girl Guide Cookies

I got a request from one of the blogs International readers to do a post about Canadian Girl Guide Cookies.

Cookies are the primary fundraising mechanism for Girl Guides in Canada.  We currently sell two types of cookies.  In the fall we sell chocolately mint cookies.   In the spring we sell cookies with a row of vanilla sandwich cookies and a row of chocolate sandwich cookies. Cookies cost $5/box.

In Canada Girl Guides have been selling cookies since 1927.  More about the history of Girl Guide cookies can be found here.

Cookies Rising

Our Cookie Rising Program is a series of badges girls earn each year they are in Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders.  They require the girls to complete cookie related activities in four themes: Financial, Social, Business and Girl Guides of Canada.  The goal is to turn cookie selling from “just a fundraiser” into a learning opportunity.


Cookie All Stars

The Cookie All Stars program recognizes and rewards girls who go above and beyond with their cookie selling.  It also rewards groups who conduct group sales with crests.

My unit completes the group sale objected every year and we always have a number of girls who get the individual crest for selling 7 or more cases.  Most years we also have one or two girls who also receive a movie pass for selling 15 or more cases.


3 thoughts on “Canadian Girl Guide Cookies

  1. That’s really interesting – in the UK we don’t have cookie selling – or indeed any national fundraising for unit funds. Each unit has to either organise its own fundraising efforts, or charge a unit subscription sufficient to cover all of it’s basic costs. On the one hand, it means the units have to come up with original fundraising ideas, but on the other we can choose what sort of fundraising to do, and when in the year it suits us to schedule it (and we aren’t tempted by all those cookies!)

    • In Canada, units planning big trips or other expensive projects can get permission to run other fundraisers in addition to selling cookies. But cookies support not just our local units but also our provincial and national levels, so you are expected to sell cookies first.

  2. We don’t need any special permissions to organise fundraising, but there are no national fundraising activities, our members’ annual subscriptions (plus things like the profits from the Guide shops and government grants) cover the costs of the headquarters at each level. Always interesting to see different sytems.

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