How to become a Astronaut

NASA is opening their recruitment for new astronauts on December 14.  As such they are putting out information on what is required to become an astronaut.

They put together this tumblr post to dispel myths about what is required to become an astronaut.




Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is another game that can be adapted to many themes.  To play you need spots for the number of girls play minus 1 in a circle.  These spots can be chairs, circles made with string or drawn in the dirt etc.  All the girls stand on a spot except the one who is starting “in”.  The girls in the circle are all assigned a type of fruit for example apple, banana, pear, orange.  If the girl in the middle calls out a type of fruit all the girls with that type of fruit change places.  The girl in the middle tries to steal a spot.  She can also call “Fruit Salad”, in which case everyone must change places and she can steal a place.

This game can be used for any theme so long as you can have a set of individual names and a collective name.

Girls Go North Challenge

Girls Go North Challenge CrestThis NWT challenge “has been designed to provide opportunities to experience different aspects of life in the north.”

The challenge has three different parts, each of which has their own section crest.

  •  Moving! (Outdoors & Games)
  •  Sharing! (Community History & Service)
  •  Creating! (Art, Drama, & Music)

Details on the challenge can be found here.

Crests are free for units in the NWT or can be ordered for $5 per set for the rest of Canada. Instructions for ordering are found at the end of the challenge pack.