Girls First and Clove Hitches

Our unit was chosen to run a focus group as part of the Girls First program review. Our unit was assigned a focus group on ceremonies where the girls had to say what they liked or didn’t like about enrollment, campfire, Guides Own, horseshoe and Thinking Day. For the most part our girls seem to enjoy the ceremonial parts of Girl Guides, except possibly Guides Own which got a mixed review.

I learned a few new things about how our girls view ceremonies though.  One, then want us to get out the fake campfire more often.  Two, they’d like us to fix the flag stands so we can do colour party more often.  And finally, they are highly motivated by snacks.  Pretty much anytime food is involved they thought it was the best part of the ceremony.

National only wanted the opinions of girls who’d completed a full year or more of Guides. So while the focus group was running, our first year Guides worked on understanding their promise and law in preparation for enrollment in a few weeks time.

Then we came back together as a unit for our “knot of the week”. This week we did the clove hitch. I had the girls pair up with a rope each and they tried to tie clove hitches around each others thumbs. Once a pair was sure they had it, they went to find a pair that didn’t and helped them. Within 10 min all the girls could tie one.

We ended the night with some singing. I’ve been teaching the girls a few songs each week, trying to keep the songs within the same family of campfire songs (campfire openings, closings etc) with an aim to help them write their own campfires later in the year. This week we learned some yells. We did There an’t no flies on Us, Porridge in a Pot and Thunderation.


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