Stones in a Circle

Patrols form in lines and make a formation like the spokes of a wheel facing outward.  In front of each Patrol on the ground are five bean bags, stones or other markers in a ring made of rope.If the patrols are uneven in number, put a mark at the back of the Patrols so all players will have the same distance to run.  The game should have a time limit and it does not matter how many turns any one Guide has.  On the word “go”, the first Guide picks up on stone , turns to her right and runs around the back of her patrol and on to the circle in front of the next patrol on the left.  Here she drops the stone in the circle and runs back to her own patrol and tags the girl who is now at the front of the line.  Each player in turn repeats the action.  The aim of each Patrol is to get as many markers out of its circle at the end of the time limit.  Only one marker may be moved at a time.  Score only what is actually in the circle at the end of the time.  The lowest score wins.


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