Cookies are Rising

Our chocolate mint cookies are here, so this weeks meeting we concentrated on Cookie Rising activities.

But first we made some name tags.  We wanted something more long lasting this year that girls could wear when guest speakers etc were here, so we opted for shrink plastic.  Each girl was given half a sheet and encouraged to you large bold letters.  I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Then we had a short discussion about Cookie All Stares before asking each girl to set a personal cookie selling goal for the year.  We had a form printed up when they could fill out their goal, then we placed the sheet in an envelope with the girls name on it.  We will revisit these envelops later in the year so they can see how they are progressing towards their goal.

Finally I ran the Design a box of Cookies exercise I posted last year.  The girls enjoyed seeing photos of the old cookie boxes and worked hard on their own designs.  Most opted to make their cookies something other then the three flavours we have now, from strawberry,  to chocolate chip, to a few that were truly strange.


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