Camp Songs

In my mind the definition of a camp song is a special version of a familiar song that you only sing at camp.

For example:

Guide Wetspurs (Tune Oh Christmas Tree/Softly Falls)

Softly falls the rain today
As our campfire floats away
Silently each Guide should ask
“Did I bring my SCUBA mask?
Have I tied the tent flaps down?
Learned to swim so I won’t drown.
Have I done and will I try
Everything to keep me dry?”

 Leaders (Tune: Barges)

Out of my tent flap, looking in the night
I can see the leaders having a fight
Curlers in their hair and cold cream on their face
They look like something from outer space

Leaders, I would like to be like you
I would like to have some privileges too.
Leaders, have you cookies in your hold
Do you fight with Boy Scouts brave and bold.

There are many versions of Leaders but that is the one I learned as a Guide.


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