Hidden Creatures

This is a variation of hide-and-seek which needs an outdoor area with lots of cover to hide in.  Guides play in their Patrols.  One member of each group is to hide and become some kind of bird or animal which as a loud call.  Each call is demonstrated before the game begins.  Each girl who hides is given a slip of paper numbered 300, 250, 200, 150, 100 etc (a number for each patrol playing).  The creatures are given five minutes to find a hiding place and at a whistle signal, the Patrols start hunting.  At any time, a group may demand that the hidden creatures “Make your noise!”  The hunters must stick together in their Patrol.  When the group finds a hidden creature, the girls must not be obvious about it or the will “give away” the hiding place.  The girls who are  hiding gives the highest number of points to the first group which finds her, second highest to the second group, etc.  The Patrol with the most points wins the round.


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