Zoe’s Trek Around the World – Trinidad

Zoe is almost home, but first she’s going to stop in Trinidad.  As always, her journal will tell your unit about her adventures in Trinidad.

To complete the Trinidad challenge you must complete four activities (active, creative, cultural, guiding) and including options like playing baseball or cricket, making sandcastle snow globes, trying Trinidadian food such as corn soup, doubles or pelau and learning about The Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Detailed activity guide can be found here (member zone login may be required). Crests are available from the Guide Store.

If you have completed the whole set of challenges with your unit, don’t forget to finish with Zoe’s last journal entry as she arrives home in Vancouver.

Blindfold Walk

This game is played outdoors in a location with a lot of trees.

Before the game, take a piece of string or rope and create a course though the trees at about waist height.

All the girls are blindfolded except one.  They are give a chance to come up with a plan to get all the blindfolded girls though the course.  The girl without the blindfold can choose to lead or she can stand to one side and call out directions.  You may want to let them switch guides and try again.

Wizard of Oz Multi-branch Advancement

Not sure where I heard this idea but I loved it

Sparks Guiders make a rainbow of crepe paper on the ground and the advancing girls must jump over it to get to Brownies

Brownies follow a yellow brick road (made of yellow construction paper) to get to Guides.

Guides must gain entrance to the Emerald City (an arch covered in green crepe paper) to advance to Pathfinders.

Pathfinders were given little ruby slippers to take them to Rangers.

You could have music to accompany the steps and/or some Guiders dressed in costume to help set the scene.