Kim’s Game – Part 3: Other Senses

Part 1 and Part 2 of these posts on Kim’s games dealt with visual games but Kim’s games don’t have to be just about what we see with our eyes they can also consider the other senses.


To put together a hearing Kim’s game you need some sounds.  One option is to create a play list on an mp3 player.  There are a number of websites where you can download rights free sound effects.  Pick a variety of sounds your girls are likely to be familiar with or which fit with your theme.  You can either play one sound at a time and have the girls identify it or for more challenge play the whole list though and then have them try to write down what they heard.

If you don’t have an mp3 player available, you can also find things that will make sound in your meeting place.  Have the girls cover their eyes and make each sound (a window or door opening, key’s dropping, running foot steps etc.).  Then have them write down what they heard.

A third way to use hearing is to make shakers with different objects (rice, beans, paper clips etc.) in each one.  If you have old film canisters you can use those or some other opaque containers.  Make two containers with each object in them and have the girls try to match the containers that sound the same.  For more challenge ask them to identify what made each sound.


To make a reusable set of touchable objects, sew little pouches of fabric that is thick enough not to see though but still thin enough to feel though. In each pouch place a small item that won’t spoil or break such as a paper clip, a piece of lego, a key etc.  Sew up the pouches and number each one so you can make a master list.  Have the girls sit in a circle and pass the items around.  The girls can write down what they think each item is when it comes around to them.

Alternatively, you can use larger (or messier) items in paper or non-transparent plastic bags.  On their turn have the girls place their hand in the bag and guess what the item is.


To make a smell game, take 10-12 of small containers and add a sample of something with a strong smell to each one (vinegar, coffee, hot sauce). Put a small piece of sponge on top so the girls can’t see  what they are smelling.  Pass the containers around the circle and have the girls write down what they think they are smelling.


Taste can be the trickiest to set up because it is important to consider any food allergies in your unit.  But collect up 10-12 items with distinct taste.  You can either give each girl a toothpick that has been dipped in what they are identifying, or if you are using say different types of fruit, you can blind fold them and give them a small sample.


One thought on “Kim’s Game – Part 3: Other Senses

  1. One option which works well is (allergies permitting) to take some plain yogurt (or a plain pudding mix like instant whip), put into separate dishes, and add food colour and flavour – but not in the traditional combinations! So for instance, make the yellow coloured one strawberry flavoured, the pink coloured one mint flavoured, and the green coloured one lemon flavoured. Even if you make the flavours quite strong, many of the girls will still be convinced that the green one is definitely mint . . .

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