All About Pathfinders

I’m not sure what the original source was for this text as it was typed up in an old collection of readings. It may have come from an old Pathfinder Program book.  It clearly dates back to before Sparks became the “most recent branch on the family tree of Canadian Guiding”.   But I still like it explanation for why the name was chosen.

When National Council rearranged the age groupings in 1979 and made a special niche for girls of 12 to 15 years, the question inevitably arose — what to name this new group?  It had to be a name that caught the spirit of the girls themselves — adventuresome, dedicated, independent.  Suggestions were called for and came in from all corners of Canada.  The name that was finally chosen did catch did catch the special spirit of these girls.  It was found in the writings of Lord Baden-Powell himself, where he had noted that special name was given by the Red Indian Scouts to those persons who were good at finding their way in a strange country.  That special name was  “Pathfinder”.  He wrote that it was a great honour to be called by that name.

Pathfinders, therefore, became the most recent branch on the family tree of Canadian Guiding.  It is certainly an exciting name and quite fitting for those girls,who, as on Guider so aptly put it, are “between the dignity of Rangers and the innocence of a Guide.” These are the girls who are now ready to venture into the wider world of discovery, challenge and service.

Are you ready for your voyage into this wonderful world of Pathfinders?


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