Do or Don’t Clothes Pin game

I got this idea from Bluenose Guider’s blog where she used it to talk about etiquette when selling cookies at a Cookie Rising Meeting.  I immediately used the idea for a discussion on netiquette during a meeting about being responsible online.  But the game could be used for many occasions when there is a list of dos and don’ts.


  • list of dos and don’ts
  • wooden clothes pins (1 per item on the list per patrol)
  • fine tip markers
  • “Do | Don’t” signs

To prepare:

  1. For each item on the list of dos and don’ts write it on a clothes pin but leave off the Do or Don’t.  For example: If you want to say “Do say please and thank you” then on the clothes pin you write “say please and thank you”.
  2. You need to make one set for each patrol so if you have 4 patrols you will need four clothes pins with “say please and thank you” on them.
  3. To make set up easier, assign a colour to each patrol set and flip the clothes peg over and put a coloured dot or line on each one.  Then you can easily sort out each patrols set.
  4. Finally, make one sign per patrol that says Do on one side and Don’t on the other.

To run the activity:

  1. Have the girls line up in relay race lines at one end of the room.
  2. Put each patrols pile of clothes pins on the floor half way across the room
  3. Put the”Do | Don’t” signs at the far end of the room
  4. On “go” the first girl from each patrol will run to the pile of clothes pins and pick one up.  She will then run to the end of the room and read her clothes peg.  If she thinks it is a “do” she will clip it to the “Do” side of the sign.  If she thinks it is a “Don’t” then she clips it to the “Don’t” side of the sign.
  5. Then she runs back to her patrol and tags the next girl.
  6. Once all the teams have pinned all their clothes pins to the signs, have them discuss their choices.

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