Mystery Bag Crafts

This is an idea I heard about that is designed to spark creativity and also use up odd and end craft supplies your unit may have from past projects.


  1. 1 paper bag per girl
  2. all the old odd and ends crafts supplies you’ve got

Before the craft, divided the supplies up between the paper bags.  Each bag should about about the same amount of material but they don’t need to have the same things in them.  If four bags have pipe cleaners and 6 bags have cloths pins that’s OK.  Ideally each bag should have a different combination of things in them.  Fold the top of the bag down and seal it with a staple or a bit of tape.

Each girl picks a bag to work with.  The challenge is to make something out of whatever she finds inside.  The paper bag itself can also be used.  I think this would be a great option for an end of the year craft when you want to clean out your storage space or for some down time at camp.


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