All the players line up at one side of the room except the “octopus” who stands in the middle with a ball. On a signal, the players run from one side of the room to the other. The octopus tries to hit one with the ball. If a player is hit, she sits down where she was hit and stretches her arms out to either side. The next time the players run thought the field, the sitting players can also tag girls who run past but the must stay sitting where they were tagged. The winner is the last girl remaining uncaught.



“Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much…the wheel, New York, wars and so on…while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man…for precisely the same reason.”

– Douglas Adams

Tin Foil Boat Challenge

This is a simple engineering challenge you can do as a patrol challenge.


  • a piece of heavy duty tin foil per patrol (make sure they are all the same size)
  • some weights such as nickles, washers etc.  Just make sure you have a lot of them and they are a consistent weight
  • a tub of water.


Each patrol will use their foil to make a boat. The purpose of the boat is to hold up as much weight as possible without sinking. They should be given the opportunity to test their boats out in the water at iterate their design.  You might want to make additional pieces of foil available for subsequent designs.  At the end, test each patrols best boat with the weights and declare a winner.

Follow up:

Discuss some of the design choices they had to make such as bottom surface area vs height of the sides.  You can also see how well the best boats do if you add wind (a hair dryer should do the job) or other conditions.

Plan an Outdoor Activity

For Learn about Leadership in a Group #3.

During patrol time, each patrol was given a chance to pick an activity from some of the cards found in Instant Activity Cards by Arizona Girl Scouts.  Once they picked an activity they think will be fun, they planed what they will need to run the activity and who would do what to run it.

The next week we went outside and gave each patrol time to run their activity.

DIY Challenge

This is a fundraising challenge from the 1st Penparcau Brownies in the UK.  As with any UK challenge run by a unit, check that the crests are still available and discuss with them the trans-Atlantic shipping costs before starting the challenge.   Whether you order the crests or not the challenge has a lot of great activities to get girls using tools.  The activities are divided up into three stages of difficulty, so Sparks might want to do stage one activities and Pathfinders might want to try stage 3 activities. Details on the challenge requirements and ordering can be found on the 1st Penparcau Brownies Website

Sticky Popcorn Tag

This version of tag similar to any other. Before you begin you should set boundaries, declair someone to be it and let everyone else spread out. In this game all the players must jump or hop as they move around. When It tags someone, they stick to It and are now both It. Once the It clump has reached it’s forth member they break into two clumps of two. So there should never be clumps of more then 3 moving together. When there is only one remaining person not tagged, they win and can be it for the next round.