On Your Head

Another fun way to eat dinner at camp that my daughter learned at Camp Wyoka.

For each girl you need a card.  The cards should provide some sort of instructions to the other dinners. For example:

  • My mother doesn’t want me to play with my cutlery, try to steal my knife and fork when I’m not looking
  • When I stand up, applaud
  • When I laugh, sing “You’re beautiful” to me
  • If you catch me with my elbows on the table yell “Manners”

You will need a different card for each girl eating together (so you could reuse them if your unit is seated by patrol).

Before the meal, attach a card to each girls forehead without her seeing (either with tape or string).  This way she can’t see the card but all her dinning companions can.  Then have the girls follow the instructions around them as they eat.

Variation: instead of instructions you can put the name of a famous person on each persons forehead and they must ask their tablemates questions to figure out who it is.


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