Make a Meteor Crater


After the experiment. They used a large rock as their last impact but pulled it out of the tub just before I snapped the photo.

It is easy to observe where meteors have crashed into the moon.  And there are lots of examples of where they have crashed into Earth (Wikipedia has a great list) including many in Canada.  This activity will allow the girls to think about how meteor craters are formed.


  • A large tub (a dish tub will do but if you can find a bigger one it is better)
  • 1 lb bag of flour
  • unsweetened cocoa
  • some pebbles
  • some photos of real meteor craters (optional)


  1. Pour the flour into the tub and smooth it out
  2. Then sift the cocoa over top so it creates a top layer
  3. Drop the pebbles onto the surface from a height of 1-2m

The cocoa lets you see the craters clearly and the material that is displaced.  Have the girls compare the craters they made to real ones on Earth, The Moon or Mars.  As them what happens if the pebble hits at an angle?  What happens if the pebble is thrown rather then dropped?


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