You Belong In Pictures

A Winter Camp theme for Guides

Depending on which activities you ran this theme could work well for the Performing Arts, Picture This and/or Singing badges.


You can decorate with Movie posters or some of the posters from Lights, Camera, Action.  Make a marquee for each door with the names of the girls sleeping there.

Outdoor Activities

Go on a photo hike – Have each girl bring a camera with her to camp.  Take a hike around your site stopping where there are interesting things to take photos of.  You can give the girls tips on taking the best photos.  Don’t forget to include: natural, landscape, action and portrait shots.

Indoor Activities

  • Watch a film: You could show an old silent film like The Golden Eaglet or a newer popular film
  • Have a karaoke party
  • Skits or puppet shows



Thoughts for the Day

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
― Ansel Adams

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
― Abraham Lincoln

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~ Steven Furtick

Guides Own






Backwards Meeting

Here’s a way to mix things up… have your meeting backwards.

Start with Taps and your normal closing. Then work though your meeting backwards with campfire, some program work, a game, then your units opening.

This can make a less interesting meeting a little more fun.


Lady BP Special Meeting

We had a special meeting this Sunday for the five girls in our unit working on their Lady BP challenge.  It lasted 3 hours and was hosted by one of the Guiders in her home.

First we shot  a video of the girls discussing what they liked about Girl Guides.  The girls started by brain storming a list of fun things they did in Guides and then decided who would talk about each one.  Then they filmed them one by one.

Then the girls made a lost and found bag for the unit.  The decorated the bag in shapes cut out of felt backed with heat ‘n bond.  All the girls got a chance to use the iron and sewing machine.  And the final bag is really nice (and very much needed by the unit).

Alien Invaders Challenge

This new challenge is a joint project between the Invasive Species Council of BC and BC Girl Guides.  It introduces girls to the harm that invasive species can cause and what they can do to limit their spread through a wide variety of activities, including scavenger hunts, active games, creative activities, discovery activities, field trips and service projects.

I love the crest.

The BC Program Committee says that although the resource cards at the back of the document refer to native and invasive species of BC, all activities can be used anywhere in Canada. You can contact your local invasive species council (or search online) for plants/animals relevant to your community.

The requirements are found here.

Matching Patterns

This is an observation and memory game.

Guides are in pairs.  Each Guide has ten matches, toothpicks or sticks of equal length.  One makes a pattern on the ground while the other Guide closely watches.  When the pattern is done, the one watching turns her back and tries to copy the pattern exactly.  Then the girls should switch.

On Your Head

Another fun way to eat dinner at camp that my daughter learned at Camp Wyoka.

For each girl you need a card.  The cards should provide some sort of instructions to the other dinners. For example:

  • My mother doesn’t want me to play with my cutlery, try to steal my knife and fork when I’m not looking
  • When I stand up, applaud
  • When I laugh, sing “You’re beautiful” to me
  • If you catch me with my elbows on the table yell “Manners”

You will need a different card for each girl eating together (so you could reuse them if your unit is seated by patrol).

Before the meal, attach a card to each girls forehead without her seeing (either with tape or string).  This way she can’t see the card but all her dinning companions can.  Then have the girls follow the instructions around them as they eat.

Variation: instead of instructions you can put the name of a famous person on each persons forehead and they must ask their tablemates questions to figure out who it is.