Typically it is played in two teams. Each team moves to a different room and comes up with a list of possible charades (often on a theme).  Then the two teams come back together and take turns acting out a charade while the other team tries to guess.  Alternatively, you can write a list of ideas ahead of time and have the girls pick one at random or have each patrol write a list of charades and rotate the lists around to other patrols.



There are really only two rules to charades:

1. Actors can’t make any sound with their mouth (then can make sounds with other parts of their body like stamping or clapping.)

2. Actors can’t mouth the words


First sign is normally the category.  Some common signs for categories include:

Book – Press palms together and open then like you were opening a book

Event – Point at your watch (or where your watch would be)

Location – Use your forefingers to trace a circle (globe) in the air

Movie – Hold your left hand up like a lens and crank your right hand around in a circle

Song – Hold both hands up to your mouth as if you are making a megaphone

TV show – Use your forefinger to trace a rectangle in a square.

Person – Place your hands on your hips

Phrase or Quote – Make air quotes

Then you sign the number of words or syllables

Words – Hold up a number of fingers for the number of words and then sign another number to show which word you are starting with

Syllables – Place the number of fingers for the number of syllables on the forearm of the other arm.  Then sign the syllable you are starting with.

Other conventions:

Sounds like – tug earlobe

Shorten the word – hold your hands a foot or so apart with palms facing and then move them inwards.

Lengthen the word – hold your hands like you are stretching a rubber band.

Wrong Track – wave your hands palm facing the audience

Right Track – wave your hands palms facing towards you.


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