Quebec Spin Challenge

The Quebec Spin Challenge, isn’t like most other challenges.  It doesn’t suggest activities around a theme but rather promotes a tool to putting a twist on your ideas and activities.  It can be used to encourage girls to build on their own ideas, recognize an activity that doesn’t quite fit in the program or to put a new spin on an annual event.

The challenge is a based around the spinner (left) and requires you to pick one action, participant, sharing and side benefit for your activity. Full instructions can be found in the information kit.Quebec Spin Crest

The challenge crest is designed so the girls can get the center crest for their first spin and can earn subsequent crests to add to it (in a variety of ways) for other projects.


Nature Message

Each patrol must find natural items and arrange them so that the initial letters form a message.  After each patrol has completed their message, have the patrols switch and try to read the message.

Alternatively, Guiders could create a message like this as part of a treasure hunt or trail and have the girls read it to continue on their way.


A tableau is a drama activity where all the participants freeze in place in a dramatic pose.  It can be used as an alternative to a skits in getting girls involved in a drama activity.  Have the girls think about creating an image like a in a photo or a painting.  Depending on what story the girls are trying to tell, they may want to form a single tableau or a series of them.  Like skits props and costumes can be used.  To present a tableau, girls can either enter one at a time, or all at once.  One at a time is sometimes more dramatic as it isn’t always clear what they are doing until others are added to the scene but this can be harder for young girls to pull off.

This video shows a group of drama students creating a tableau on friendship



A karaoke parties are fun.  Girls may choose to perform by themselves or in groups.

You may be able to borrow a karaoke machine from a parent.  Hopefully they will have some karaoke cds to go with it that are age appropriate. Some karaoke machines are designed to be stand alone (with a screen that displays the lyrics) and others require a TV to be connected.  Or you may be able to use a game system (like a wii or xbox) with a music related game like Rockband or SingStar.

Another cost effective option if you have internet access at your meeting or camp is to use a laptop with YouTube karaoke songs. If you search on YouTube you can find many lists of karaoke songs such as this one or this one.

Girls Worldwide Challenge

Girls Worldwide is a Millennium Development Goals (MDG) challenge from the Program Team in British Columbia.  To complete the challenge girls must complete challenges themed on each of four of the development goals.

  • MDG 2: achieve universal primary education
  • MDG  3: promote gender equality and empower women
  • MDG 4: reduce child mortality
  • MDG 5: improve maternal health

The challenge contains many activities that could make for a memorable Thinking Day or international themed meeting.

Observation Walks

Take your unit for a walk though your community

Before leaving assign points to items they may see along the way.  What you pick will vary based on your community and/or program work associated with the walk.

Very uncommon things  (example: a classic car) – 8 pts

Uncommon things (example: 7 or more birds flocking together) – 3 pts

Common things (example: an oak tree) – 1 pt

Have a each patrol assigned to a Guider.  The Guider will need a list of girls in that patrol.  When a girls sees an item from the list, they quietly report the fact to their assigned Guider.  The Guider keeps track of the points on her list. At the end of the walk, the points are tallied and a winner declared.