First Aid Badge

The last two meetings we’ve been working on the First Aid Badge along with the first aid sections of Learn About Safety.

The first week we had a guest speaker come to the meeting.  We alternated teaching time with the girls breaking into groups and trying things out.  The speaker covered all the basics of emergency scene management.  She talked to the girls about the recovery position, getting help in a timely way and choking.

The second week we held a round robin of first aid skills.

  • The girls learned about rescue breathing
  • A station about cuts, scrapes and wounds and played a flip puzzle about types of band-aids
  • A station about burns, sunburns, hypothermia and frostbit where they played a variation on Becky’s (Dragon’s) red light, green light first aid game.
  • At the final station they made mini-first aid kits, like the ones made in film-canisters, only we used pill bottles donated by local pharmacies.

Polar Challenge

Polar Challenge Crest As the weather is turning colder across the country, it might be a great time to consider the polar challenge from Alberta.  The goal of the challenge is to learn more about the polar regions of the world (both Artic and Anartic).  The challange activities are divided into culture and science and to complete the challenge girls would have to do some of each.  Might make a great theme for a winter camp/sleep over or even for a winter holiday party.

Challenge Requirements



The Web of Life

The girls stand in a circle.  The leader holds the end of a ball of string.  She asks a simple nature question such as, “name something that lives in a tree.”  When a girl answers, keep the end of the string in your hand and then toss the ball to her.  The leader then asks another question.  When it is answered the first girl holds on to her part of the string but throws the ball to the second girl. Continue doing this until all the girls have answered a question and have part of the web of string in their hand.  Now the leader announces that the first tree has been cut down.  How would that effect the web of life?  The leader pulls o n the end of the string to indicate the a problem in nature.  As the first girl feels the string being pulled she sits down and pulls on her piece of string.  Gradually all the girls will feel the string being pulled and the game ends when all of them are sitting down.  This is a good way to illustrate how a change in a natural environment effects all the plants and animals in the area.

Let Us be Thankful

Let us be thankful
For the silver dew on the grass,
For the golden sun in the sky,
For the drops of rain which fall from above,
For the trees and their wood,
For the rivers and sparkling lakes,
For the gold crops in the fields,
For the tents that we sleep in,
For the food that we eat,
For the surrounding countryside,
And most of all for life.

Would you Rather

Would you Rather is discussion game.  Depending on the questions you use it can be an ice breaker or a way to do some planning.  It makes a great patrol activity.  Print out 4 or 5 questions.  Have the patrol leader read out each question and give each girl a chance to give her reason reasons.  If you are doing it as a planning activity you may want the patrol to report back at the end.

Ice Breaker Questions

  • Would you rather be a great student or a star athlete?
  • Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?
  • Would you rather give up your 5 favorite foods for the rest of your life or only be allowed to eat those 5 foods?
  • Would you rather live in Narnia or go to Hogwarts?
  • Would you rather jump into a pool of marshmallows or a pool of jello?
  • Would you rather be a pencil or a rubber band?

Planning Questions

  • Would you rather learn about Chemistry or Physics?
  • Would you rather make a craft or play a game?
  • Would you rather volunteer time at the food bank or cleaning up a park?
  • Would you rather hike though a forest or along a shoreline?
  • Would you rather try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing?
  • Would you rather bake a cake in a box oven or cook dinner over the fire?


Flip Puzzles

flip-horzA flip puzzle is a self testing puzzle that can be made for pretty much any topic.

To make a flip puzzle you need:

  • 1 file folder
  • 6-10 questions and answers
  • a full page image (either printed from a online source or from a magazine)
  • Some light card
  • an small envelope (optional)
  1. Glue or print the image on one side of the light card
  2. On the other side of the cardboard, divide the sheet in to equal sized sections.  You need the same number of sections as questions you will be asking.
  3. Then write the answers to each question on a different puzzle piece.
  4. On the inside of the file folder draw the same grid as you cut the question card into.  In each section write your questions so that the location matches the location on the question card.
  5. Cut the question card apart into individual sections.
  6. To ensure re-usability you can glue an envelope to the folder to store the pieces.

To use:

The girls look at the questions and match the answer by putting it over top.  When they’ve answered all the questions, the close the folder over and flip it upside down.  When they open the folder again, the image should be correct.  If any of the questions were answered incorrectly, the image will be scrambled up.  In that case they can flip the puzzle back over and try to fix it.

These puzzles can be used either be used to reinforce information the girls have been taught or the girls can make the puzzles themselves perhaps as a bridging activity for younger girls.

Girl Empower Challenge

The Girl EmPower Challenge teaches Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders about healthy, equal, non-violent relationships. It’s age-appropriate activities will help diverse groups of girls be empowered to form healthy, equal relationships in their own lives by understanding the signs of unhealthy relationships, knowing what healthy relationships are and challenging violence and oppression.

This has been a challenge that I was hesitant to tackle.  Not because it isn’t an important topic but because it can be a sensitive one.

Adding to the resources available for this challenge is a new instant meeting to mark 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence.

You can find the challenge: HERE