First meeting of the year

As girls arrive – Quick name tag craft.  We have a small cloth banner for them to pin their name tags to at the end of the meeting so they will last several weeks. The craft wasn’t anything fancy, just some foam shapes with markers to decorate.

10 mins – Learn the Guide marching song

We’ve used the Guide Marching song to enter horseshoe for years so the older girls know the tune, but some of them seemed fuzzy on the lyrics.  I also wanted to teach the second verses as last year we kept running out of song before we ran out of marching into horseshoe since we have a large unit.

15 mins – Emotion Shuffle

The Girls seemed to like this one.  They found their partners within a few minutes and then I had them return to the circle.  Each pair then had a turn to get up and mime their emotion while the other girls guessed.  It only took two or three guesses for most.

25 mins – Commonalities

I took this right out of the Girls United Challenge.

Exploring commonalities: Make an inner and outer circle. The outer circle faces in and inner circle faces out. Ask the girl directly in front of you questions until you discover something you  have in common. Every three minutes, the inner circle steps to the right so that they are facing a different girl. Proceed until you have found a similarity with each member of the inner circle. End by discussing as a group the things you all have in common with each other.

The only thing I did differently was ask the girls to hold hands when they found a commonality so I knew when to have them move.  The girls seemed to like this game too and were disappointed when they didn’t make it all the way around the circle before we had to stop.

30 min – Parents meeting

We ended the evening with a short parents meeting.  We introduced all the Guiders to the parents and gave them an idea of who does what (so they knew to address questions to).  We discussed the volunteer nature of Guiding, uniform, badges, upcoming activities, health forms and cookies.   Seemed like a really positive meeting.  Hopefully it got everything off on the right foot.


One thought on “First meeting of the year

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the commonalities activity. I’ll definitely have to give it a try with the girls.

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