A thaumatrope is a simple craft that demonstrates the basics of animation.

A classic example is to put a bird on one side and a cage on the other.

Instructions for making this (including a template) can be found here

There are lots of other templates available online (such as this one, or this one, or this one)

You once the girls have made one from a template, why not provide them with more card to make one of their own design?

Be Prepared Kits

This is an activity originally designed by Hollah Guiding for Understanding the Promise and Law.  I was able to reconstruct her original sheets and modify them for my own use.

Each patrol will get one Be Prepared kit for designed for a trip to a destination.  The destinations I decided on where school, the movies, a sporting event, sleepover and a picnic .  When the patrols come back together in horseshoe, they have to defend their be prepared kit and explain why they include each item.

Download Worksheets Here

Fall Cookies

15 min – Practice Horseshoe – we’re changing the way we march into horseshoe this year a little to stop the girls from getting all squished together.  So we practiced it a couple of times this week and also reinforced the second verse of the Guide Marching song.

20 min – Cookie 101 – There was a discussion about cookie selling.  Including how much the cookies cost, tips for selling, the girls provided ideas about where to sell cookies and the Cookie All-Star program was reviewed.

30 min – Goal Setting –  We made a list of possible activities we could do as a unit this year.  We’d costed each activity in cases of cookies we’d need to sell to pay for or subsidize the activity. We discussed the possibilities with the girls and had them vote on what they wanted to do.

10 min – Sing Song – We attempted to learn how to do the actions for Make New Friends as outlined on this site.  It went rather hilariously wrong.  We’ll try again another week.  Then we sang taps and called it a night.

Cookies were distributed.

White Rabbits

When I was a Guide I was taught that saying “white rabbits” would cause the smoke to move…. worked about as well as you’d expect.  And yet when the girls in my unit complain about smoke in their eyes, I still tell them to close their eyes and say white rabbits three times.

Please note that while this comic is child safe, many you find on The Oatmeal may not be.

WAGGGS/UN Forest Badge

This is another of the UN Youth Group badges.  This one focuses on the importance of forests.  It includes a large (150 pages) packet of information and activities divided into five sections: Forest Life, Forests in Use, Forests in Culture, Forests at Risk and Take Action.  And even if you don’t do the whole challenge it is worth looking at if you are planning to do the Forestry badge.




Crests (sold in 10 packs) are available from the WAGGGS store.

Morse Code

A night game

Divide the players into teams of 4.  Each team is given a different code (e.g. two short flashes, one long flash)  Players scatter throughout the playing area and must stay quiet until the game is complete.  On “go” players have to find their teammates by flashing their light code.  The first team to assemble itself and return to the leader wins.

Thoughts of Camp on a March Morning

Thoughts of Camp on a March Morning

What is the use of going to camp?
Catching a cold from the dew and the damp,
Cooking a dinner or cleaning a lamp
— Can anyone tell me true?

What is the use of cooking the meals?
How simple it would be if we all ate raw eels!
And what is the use of a nose when it peels?
— Can anyone tell me true?

How foolish we are to cook all this dinner!
We’d all look much better a little bit thinner —
And that slug in the lettuce is really a winner!
I don’t want to eat him, do you?

How silly it is to sleep in a tent!
Oh, what is the use of a pole that is bent?
The odds are the wind will soon make a great rent!
Boohoo, and boohoo, and boohoo

What is the use of washing at all?
You’re bound to get dirty before even fall
And no one ca look at your neck if you’re tall.
Not washing’s the best thing to do!

What is the use of a singing a song?
The half that should know it;s half that goes wrong,
And it’s always the silliest songs that are long!
Boohoo, and boohoo and boohoo!

The sun? Well, it’s all very well when it’s beaming,
But what about all the ev’nings cold-creaming?
And what of the rain that is streaming and streaming?
I don’t know this answer, do you?

What is the use of being a poet?
The odds are that nobody ever will know it;
And even your best friend will tell you to “stow it”!
Boohoo, and boohoo and boohoo!