Post Office

This was another wide game I learned about from the same Facebook post.


You will need three leaders.  One leader has a pile of paper to act as letters.  One has a rubber stamp to act as a stamp.  The third has a bag or small box to act as the post box.  The girls can either be put in teams of two or can play individually.  Each team can be given a number or letter to indicate their mail.  This will help at the end to sort out who won.  Set out the game boundaries before you start.


The object of the game is to mail more letters then any other team.  The leaders hide throughout the play area and move frequently.  To mail a letter the teams must track down the leader with the letters and get a piece of paper from them.  Then they must find the leader with the stamp and stamp their letter.  Finally they must find the leader with the mail box and post their letter.  Each team can only carry one letter at a time, so once a letter is mailed they must start again.


  • If playing in an open area you the leaders should just keep moving
  • To make the game more challenging if you have more then 3 leaders available you can switch jobs over the course of the game.

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