Grandmother’s Quilt

This is a wide game I learned about on Facebook


You need a different fabric for each girl playing.  Out of each fabric you cut two swatches.  If you find a quilter who’s fabric horde you can raid, I’m sure this won’t be hard to come up with.  I pulled over 70 fabrics from my scrap bin and I was only 2/3 of the way though it.  Take one swatch of each fabric and hide them in a wooded area.  Give the other swatch to the girls.


On go the girls need to spread out and try and find their swatches of fabric.


  • You can either play as individuals (first to return with their swatch wins) or as patrols (first patrol to all have their swatch wins).
  • If you have enough different fabrics each girl can be given up to 5 different swatches to find.  The game would last much longer this way.

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