Indoor Campfires

There is nothing like sitting around a blazing campfire singing songs and building memories.  But it isn’t practical to build a fire at every meeting even if your meeting place allowed it.  Even at camp, fire bans may prevent you from having a campfire and if you live in an area where fire bans are common it may well be worth having a back up plan.

This year I built a simple fake fire for our unit.  I took three Halloween LED Candles from the dollar store and replaced the interior Halloween themed liners with some orange fabric.  Then I took some sticks from my own garden and I hot glued them around the candles.  Our campfire now turns on with a few switches.  It isn’t perfect but it does give an end of meeting campfire a special feeling.

Other ideas include:

  • Amazon sells very realistic fake fires but they cost $100+ which I’m sure puts them out of budget for most if not all units.
  • This How To  offers tips for building a fake fire that should have very realistic flickering effects because of the moving fabric but might require a little bit more electrical knowledge then my dollar store candle solution.
  • The campfire created with these instructions doesn’t light but but that could be fixed with a string of lights or some led candles.


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